Mid 20th century textile from the collection of American director, Robert Altman Designed by Carlo Hauner (signed) Como, Italy c. 1970 85″ x 133″ Born in Brescia, Italy, Carlo Hauner spent over 50 years as a designer, artist, and ceramist. After several solo and group exhibitions in Brescia and Milan, he took part in the 1948 Venice Biennial. He then moved to Brazil and devoted his time to design, textiles, ceramics, and architecture. Hauner’s  work has been shown at the Museum of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and the Galleria Montenapoleone and the Galleria Vismara Contemporary Art, both in Milan.  Hauner’s eccentric personality coupled with his experience in industrial design and ceramics spurred a unique artistic development combining neo-experssionism and abstract expressionism with informal and pop art. A regular Renaissance Man, the 1970s brought Hauner back to Italy to retire on a vineyard in the Aeolian Islands where he devoted himself to painting and produced his own line of Malvasia delle Lipari, a wine exclusively produced in the Aeolian Islands.